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Re: NIP completely exposed???

I once attended one of my son's soccar practices when he was 8. THere was a woman with a 9-12 month old baby. I was seated next to her on the sideline of the field. She lifted her shirt up baring both breasts, and started feeding in front of literally 90-100 men and boys. She was talking to me and I was even embarrassed and I was a stripper at one time!

I get breastfeeding is natural and best for baby and can be done anywhere that food is allowed, but then there are extremists who are all about shock value who ruin it for us who are not doing anything like that. I where a nursing tank, try to be descrete, do not use a cover, and hold my hand close incase of nipple exposure. I just nursed in front of a classroom of children, parents, and small children for a Thanksgiving feast. Everyone was finea dn one of the poor male teachers got an eye full when his child came up and delatched my nursling. He simply looked away fast while I laughed. People were more freaked out by the mom with the lowriders and butt hanging out than me nursing a couple times at dinner. But I also was not showing all my business to the world either.
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