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Re: Not feeling ready enough

Yes and no as far as nesting... We got our little girl's room done- 2 walls needed repair, had to add shoe moulding, added some crown up top, painted ceiling and walls. Got a new twin bed with trundle, some clothes in dresser. The main thing is she's sleeping in her bed with no problems and NO PACI!!!! We're going to move some large toys into her room- kitchen and doll stuff she's getting for Christmas. We also did crown in the baby's room, but it needs a little more paint to cover nail/wood filler and then get all the baby stuff back in order. I did wash and iron the crib skirt which was a total pain, and moved the crib mattress up. We'll probably use a bassinet in our room at first, so we still need to rearrange a bit, but nothing major. However, I haven't done anything to plan for my little girl's birthday which is next Tuesday!!! We may just go to zoo lights with my parents. I don't think she'll really know the difference! I wish I had more nesting going on with wanting to clean, but I really just want a nap! I'm going to blame that on going to the in-laws this past weekend, and having elevated BP at my appt right before- since pre-ecclampsia got severe quick with little girl, I tend to be a little anxious! Today went in for a check and it was back to low normal!!! Sorry to get a little off topic - wishing you all the best and if anyone's bored and has their house all organized and ready, you just come on over and I'll give you plenty to keep you busy!
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