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Re: Is this mean?

Originally Posted by RainandRedemption View Post
Part of it too is that I'm trying to get him to take everything a little less seriously. (hes sooo serious). But curious, because I'm considering any and every thing, what would be your approach to teaching a child (5)to work through the emotion?

I try to show my kids how to laugh at things.

But I am awful at it. I tend to be very impatient and get irritable when they don't follow instructions, so I think they respond by being emotional, too.

So I find that when I take the time to put in the effort to SHOW them how to laugh at themselves or a bad situation, it helps ME as well to do it more.


Me: No, we can't have McDonald's. I'm sorry, we just went there in the last month and we can't eat there too often, it's not good for us.

Kids: Go crazy

Me: Laugh. C'mon guys. It's just McDonald's. I bet we can think of something even better to have at home! How about ______ ?? And if you eat all your lunch, you can have ______ for dessert??

Kids: Calming down a little....

Me: Still laughing and happy: It's no big deal! We'll go to McDonald's again. Just not today, ok?

Kids: Grumbling... ok mom.

Me: OK! What should we make for lunch?!

Kids: Now smiling... Oh, I know! Blah blah.

Usually I try to do something like that. And it works probably 60-70% of the time. I try to stay happy and upbeat and laugh. Sometimes I will even laugh and say "oh my goodness! Why are you CRYING?! Are you HURT?!" ... which I KNOW is not nice. But seriously. They go ballistic over the craziest things sometimes.
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