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homemade trainers

I am trying ec with my 14 month old and I was frustrated with the no pants thing. DH was not having it, at all. So I was thinking that I could make my own trainers since I have all these small prefolds that we hardly use. But my 2 sewing machines are in need of an overhaul, so sewing was out of the picture. So I thought, could I take some panties and snap in a trifolded prefold. I bought myself some snap pliers (I went cheap and convenient and did the Hobby Lobby brand) and snaps as well as new 2T/3T panties (I just think it is weird if DD2 wears DD1's underwear). I had to get new designs so I could keep them separate and of course now DD1 wants to wear the new Cinderella and My little pony panties.

Anyway, I did add some side snaps to one pair to see if I could make them a little more snug since she only wears 18 month clothing. They work just fine. I could improve upon the design such as adding PUL to the crotch or something but no sewing machine. They do hang a little off the sides of the crotch too, but they are completely functional. I don't worry about stuff like that and plus I am recycling my old prefolds and she can wear the panties when she is completely done without the prefold. So far I am liking them. I had to make extra trifolded prefolds since sometimes she wets a little and it doesn't soak through to the panties.

Sorry about the overuse of the words panties and crotch. Ah, I hate those words.
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