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Re: NIP completely exposed???

Stuff like that makes me CRAZY. I was walking through Walmart a few years ago, and there was a display of outdoor furniture in the front of the store (inside). It was summer so they had this whole huge display with the swing and two chairs and table and such. And sitting in the swing seat in the center of the display was a lady with her button up shirt fully unbuttoned, lounging back in the swing and lazily swinging just slightly, nursing an older baby, probably close to a year.

I don't care how much the child is screaming for food, there's no reason to fully place yourself and what you are doing on display like that. Not to mention being all sprawled out on store merchandise that you haven't purchased. It's really no different than people who make out with their partners in public or that freak of a woman who brought her toddlers potty chairs into the middle of the restaraunt. There are some things that just don't need to be on fully display like that. That doesn't make them bad or wrong or anything like that. It just means that you be a bit discreet.

And yes, I totally do nurse in public. I generally find someplace out of the way and comfortable to sit down, and either put down or lift up enough shirt to give baby access and that's about it. I will only use a blanket as a cover if I am exposing enough belly to get chilly. I have nursed 3 kids in public now and that's just how I feel it should be done. I don't care if people use covers or not, but man, at least be discreet about the whole thing.
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