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Re: Baby-proofing advice needed

Originally Posted by Meganeliz9 View Post
What have you all done to get your homes ready for a soon-to-be mobile LO?
My husband and I disagree about this--he says we don't need to do much because we will always be supervising. I'm thinking we at least need to cover outlets, baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs, door handle cover to the basement stairs and cabinet locks under the sink and in the bathrooms. Oh--and shorten the blind cords.
the electrical covers are a must. and definitely the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs. We have never needed one at the top - not to say that we won't with this next baby - but it was never an issue with DD. So I'd wait with that one until you absolutely feel a great NEED to drill holes in walls at the top of your stairway. I was very paranoid about it and it never was something I needed to do.

I wouldn't worry about door handle covers yet unless you have those lever like pull handles. It will be awhile before they will figure out the round type door handles.

I would definitely put cabinet locks on low cabinets that have any chemicals in them at all - better yet - move all chemicals to high cabinets because someday they will figure out those locks and it's best if those things are not accessible. I would also put all your plastic bowls, etc in a low cabinet and just let your LO play.

as far as shortening the blind cords, that can be done in 2 seconds - just double em up and tie them up high. You don't need special hardware to do that.
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