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Re: Declined antibiotic for Group B & regretted it?

Originally Posted by cdeweese View Post
Sorry if this is a thread hijack- I've had Group B with both of my children and have it in my urine now at 16 weeks pregnant. I had antibiotics with both of my labors, both children were fine. However, since I have also had Cholestasis with both pregnancies, it would be nice to not have an added complication. Do any of you know if taking probiotics (how much/often) would help since Im already passing it?
I don't know about this personally, but my MW for DS told me that if you are colonized to the point of having it in your urine, it is VERY hard to get rid of.

I don't know how true that is. I just know that is what she said. She said it takes a lot longer, and more aggressive treatment (I'd imagine that means higher doses of probiotics, a more strict diet, etc) to get rid of it.
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