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Re: Basically it's Monday

Oh they all have chores. It's the shoes/jackets/hats that has gotten away from me. Like you said, probably because it's a "secret" room, LOL. I've never had a secret room before. We have to keep the door shut on it because it's not insulated thus would freeze the whole house. So I will clean it up, like today, then after the kids come home it will look like a school bus threw up in there. I am sure it is that there is not a special place for each thing. "hang up coats and backpacks, put shoes in a cubby, put hats/gloves in your drawer" results in hats/gloves in their drawer but likely not much else where it should be. So that is an easy fix. And DH and I have been dumping things on the w/d and in those cabinets because they are right there when we get home, and then we never see it again unless doing laundry. That is not so easy a fix. That is our bad habit, but if we clear it out regularly it isn't too bad an issue.

They are really good about the rest of the house. Their rooms are always picked up, take five minutes when they are out of sorts. They fold and put away all the linens, the cloth napkins and kitchen rags, etc. The basement does get junky sometimes but again only 15 minutes to put it all away, even if everything is out. The library is the worst room usually, they get out so many books and it takes time to put them back because library books go one place and our books go another, and there are subsets of where our books go. They are often looking for extra chores for change to put in their coin banks for the church. But again, like Janine said, they are past the ages where they get into everything and don't put it away.
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