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Re: All I want for Xmas is.... Diapers!!

Originally Posted by NaturallyCharming33 View Post
Poodlemum - me too!!! I have an idea on what my perfect diapers are but they don't exist. Gonna have to make them myself! Except I don't know how to sew lol. But I placed an ad on Craigslist for someone to teach me, have a few responses. Can't wait! And Babyfever2012 I agree. I actually enjoy choosing a cute diaper and putting it on to see how cute he looks in it. With sposies you just want to get it on and go. What kind of diapers are you expecting? I did a newborn rental plus bought a ton so I had plenty to experiment with. It's funny cause you get an idea of what you want and what you know you will never use, but it always changes when you actually use them.
I actually bought a few different kinds to experiment with too. Thirsties duo, ozocozy, workhorse are a few that come to mind. I'm excited to try them out! I'm on a fitted kick right now so we'll see...
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