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Re: Can you RF on the 3rd row of a mini van?

Originally Posted by brigala View Post
Have you ever owned, or read the manual for, a vehicle that had rear-facing seats in the 3rd row? That might explain it. You cannot install child seats on rear-facing vehicle seats (like the fold-down seats in a station wagon).
I don't think so, and I even went back and read the online manual for my previous vehicle to see if that was it, but I didn't find it. Maybe when I read it, it wasn't really the words on the page just blended together and I skimmed over it, thinking it said something else. No idea....but I really feel like I've lost it now, lol. Good to know it's almost always an option, then! Not much need for my initial question, then, as long as mini vans are all the same...ish.
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