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Originally Posted by itiswhatitis1984
What if you let him climb into it on his own & then you just have to buckle him. Since its on an end spot what if he climbed in the opposite side and you tell him to get in his seat & you will come around the other side and buckle him up. Maybe make a game of it and see if he can beat you to his seat. If he gets in himself there won't be more head bangs plus it might limit his fighting because he's in control of getting in the seat and you can rear face for a little longer
This is a good idea. Making it a game.

And I wouldn't necessarily rely on what a pp said about him only having three more pounds to go. My DS hit a weight plateau right around that weight and held stable for several months while he grew taller.
I'd wait until he outgrew the limits of the seat and just keep trying out ways to make it more doable until you find something that works.
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