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I want these gone, so feel free to MMAO I'll also accept trades for SBish snappless, interlock soakers.<3

From top to bottom, left to right:
Mayhem $30ppd$28ppd
FOB $35ppd SOLD
Snails $40ppd SOLD
Dinosaur $30ppd$28ppd
Refraction $35ppd
Robots- Not for sale
Oh Snap!- $30ppd SOLD
Grateful- $40ppd SOLD

Mixed tapes, EUC $17ppd$15ppd
Dinosaur, faulty OBV, still silky but I don't know how long it will last so $10ppd (I included a close up of the OBV- I *think* the soakers are just fine but could be wrong) SOLD
Also sorry the pic is upside down. Photobucket hates me and I'm sick of arguing with it, so upside down it stays. Sigh


Close up of faulty OBV:


Top L- Mint Green VGUC, soft sherpa, $15ppd $14ppdSOLD
Top R- Green- EUC, a touch of silk left $17ppd
Bottom R- Purple VGUC, soft sherpa, $15ppd
Bottom L- Lime Green- EUC, a touch of silk left $17ppd SOLD


2 pure OBVs, soft sherpa, snaps and elastic are perfect, *may* have some light shadow stains (EBF) but I sunned them yesterday and I think they look pretty good $15ppd each SOLD


OBVs and CVs
Top Left-OBV yellow snaps, EUC with a touch of silk $17ppd SOLD
Top Right-Beanstalk CV, EUC still soft $17ppd SOLD
Bottom Left- Yellow CV, EUC still soft $17ppd SOLD
Bottom Right- OBV Butterscotch snaps, EUC with a touch of silk $17ppd SOLD


I have 6 KLOs all bought used but in great condition. Elastic and snaps are in working order, they do have slight EFB stains- I tried to capture it in the pictures.
3 of the KLOs are a brighter white and 3 are a tan color... like I said, I bought them all used and these are the only KLOs I have ever used, so I really don't know what the difference is. They all feel the same and fit the same- the color is the only difference I can see, I just wanted it noted. Feel free to ask any other questions you might have.

Selling as a lot $30ppd
SOLD! Thanks mama!!


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