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I only have 4 and so probably shouldn't give advice. I just want to tell you what an amazing thing you are doing to change the lives of children. My parents were also foster parents. There was 7 of us, biological kids, and then they usually had 5-7 foster kids (many times sibling groups) so there was always 12-14 kids in our hous! My mom was super organized and just amazing. It was definitely my parents calling and though there were mistakes made (of course) I just think they are earthly angels. It's a great example to show your children and I think all of us, bio kids, knew how blessed we were by living with kids who were not so blessed and seeing firsthand what that looked like. It was an interesting childhood, most definitely and mostly great, with ups and downs!

Anyway, my mom was super organized with so many kids in the house! Chore charts were a must. Good luck to you and God bless you!
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