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Re: 2.5 months pp pain while peeing

((hugs)). I had a lot of pain when peeing after my 2nd c-section. It lasted up until my 3rd c-section when it was discovered I had a bunch of adhesions on my bladder. They removed a lot of the scarring during that c-section and did the best they could stitching me up. They cut my bladder so I was dreading that pain again and worrying it would be worse. I had a little pain, but honestly, emptying the bladder feels almost normal again and not painful! SO adhesions must not have grown back on it again.

Would it be worth asking to: get an ultrasound to see if you have a bunch of scarring? (I don't even know if they can do that, but it was so painful that had I known about the adhesions I would have wanted them removed).
or check your records and see if they cut into your bladder? Though mine healed nicely, I would be worried yours has not
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