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Cousin just had emergency surgery.

I need your prayer guys. My cousin (20, her name is Mackenzie), had a bad headache for a few days. She went to the ER yesterday where they gave her a CT scan and found what they thought was a leaking brain aneurysm. They flew her to New Orleans for surgery, but did another CT scan before they were going to do surgery. They then decided that it was not a leaking brain aneurysm, but were leaning more toward a free bleed or brain tumor. They monitored her brain activity through the night, and did an MRI this afternoon. While awaiting MRI results, she had a seizure. She bounced back from it pretty quick. Then she had another one, and crashed. They had to intubate her, and took her into emergency surgery to put a catheter in her brain to help with the pressure. She went into a coma. She is now starting to breathe on her own (about 90 minutes after surgery). PLEASE pray that we find out something soon! However this is going to go, we need to figure out treatment and get her stable and taken care of. Pray for God's healing grace and comfort. Thank you.
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