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Originally Posted by PBAki
I would use natural oil based lotion if you can; nothing commercially sold.

I'm not sure how old your little girl is but I know with my eczema, dead sea salt scrub once a week and using natural oil based lotion cleared up my hands within few weeks. Less itching as the dead sea salt gently scrubs the skin and deposit the natural minerals in the affected areas. The lotion helps to cover the area without agitating without use of chemicals.

But yes, food may play a huge role. It could be minor or major like gluten, processed/pasteurized dairy, beans (again, processed), citrus, or anything that cause inflammation. Phlegm is another a good sign of mild allergy or intolerance when you eat something and produce a lot of mucus.

And hydrate lots
I agree with this, my dr poo pooed the idea of my DD having food allergies (she has eczema)
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