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Re: Totally Misrepresented Items??

Originally Posted by Nerissa View Post
Pilly edges are normal for aplix diapers. I can see why she may not have mentioned it. I have probably sold many aplix diapers and not said anything about pilly edges. I use almost all aplix so that is normal and not something I would make a big deal over.

I really don't think she was being dishonest espeically not on purpose. Unless you specifically asked if the gussets were pilly and she said no then yes she was dishonest.

I don't understand why you cant use them. They are still very functional diapers. the issues are purely cosmetic.
All of this. Pilly is normal for aplix diapers, and that's really not that bad. Either pull at it, or take some scissors and cut them off and they'll be like new again. These diapers are fully functional.

But I don't think she was being dishonest at all. Nor do I think they are totally misrepresented. In fact, you can see the pillyness in one of the pictures on the flower diaper, so it's not like she was hiding it.
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