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Re: Afraid of BLW

Originally Posted by Fairycat View Post
I found that giving kids bigger pieces of food and letting them work on them tended to lead to way less gagging. My friends dd gagged all the time, but my friend gave her little pieces, when I suggested trying larger pieces her dd tended to do much better. We loved blw it worked so well for us, and our friends who tried it.
This was our experience too. When I gave them chunks they just knew the right size bite to take but if I put small bite size pieces on their trays they would just shove it all in their mouths and gag. We did not do blw with our oldest but did with the younger 2, I regret not doing it with my first. It was such a natural and gradual introduction with my younger girls. They really never gagged and learned to be very neat eaters from pretty early.
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