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Re: Declined antibiotic for Group B & regretted it?

Originally Posted by Mamatoabunch View Post
I had a UTI in my middle of my second pregnancy. My urine also tested positive for GBS. I was treated w/ antibiotics. I had a planned HB, took oral antibiotics in labor, I was given several choices by my HB midwife. Anyway I have had 8 more HB's since and have chosen not to test for GBS, but presume positive and have used natural remedies. Anyway, my bit of anecdotal.
Where I am, it isn't possible for homebirthing moms to get access to oral abx from a homebirth mw, and nearly impossible for a homebirthing mother to visit a regular ob or physician to get a script for abx for something pg related while planning a homebirth. So that info was all relative to treating gbs+ with only otc and home remedies.
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