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diaper cuts! Please make sure the cut sizes are what you need! Cut sizes are:

Cupcakes 19x17 $3
Pink ooga 20x22 pending
Owls 17.5x 25 $3
floral brown and pink 20.5x19
Bubble gum giraffe 18x18.5 $3
Lavender 17X19 $1.75
Ooga Pink/red/green 19.5x21.5 $3
pink chicks 19x22 $3
Black/pink ooga 18x22.5 $3 (more cuts available in other sizes)
Purple ooga 21x20.5 $3
pink hearts18.5 x17.5 $3 (lots more available in other size cuts)
ooga green/orange/pink/teal 18x20.5 $3
ooga red/green 19x21 $3
Plaid 23x20 $3 (more cuts available)
(2)Big Dots 19x22 $3
blue camo 18x28 plus a little more $3 (more cut sizes available)
(2) Blueberry Tweets 14.5x16.5 (for newborn/small size)$3 ea or as 1 solid piece 14.5x33 for $5.50
(2)Blueberry Dino dudes 19x22 $4 ea
Blueberry print Swirls 16x17.5 (small cut!)$3
(2) Babyville monsters 19x22 $3ea
(2) Babyville DInos 19x22 $3
Cotton Pul Zigzag 21x18plus a little $3
(3) White 19x22 $2
(3)Magneta 22x22.5 $2
Rose 20x22 $2
(2)Hot pink 16.5 x 18 $2 (custom cut sizes available)
(4)baby pink 19x22 $2 (custom cut sizes available on this one)
(4)green apple 19x22 $2 (other sizes available)
(4)Grass Green 19x22 $2 (other sizes available)
(3)Burgandy 20x21.5 $2 (other cut sizes)
(4)Baby Blue 19x22 $2
(2) Bright green 19x22 $2 ea
plus cheapest shipping. BUY 6 or more and get free shipping!

Sorry I d9ont know all the correct names!

Attachment 127554

from top left to right:
baby blue, bright green, grass, apple
burgandy, hot pink, baby pink, lavendar, rose, white, burgandy with a bit more red to it

Attachment 127555

top to bottom:
blue camo, big dots, plaid, zigzag

Attachment 127556

top left to right:
ooga (blue/orange/pink)
ooga pink
ooga purple
ooga pink/black
ooga red/green

pink chicks, bubblegum giraffe, hearts, pink brown floral, girly owls


Attachment 125725

Attachment 125726

Attachment 125727
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