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Re: Confused about when I ovulate

I second what PP's said! here's my 2 cents (bear in mind that I am very pro-NFP).

After I went off BCP, my cycles were irregular for 6 or 7 months at least. Depending on how long you were on it, how strong the dosage was, and your own body makeup, it could take you even up to a year or longer to get back totally regular cycles again. I freaked after I hadn't had regular cycles for several months, and when I asked my ob/gyn about it, the only solution he had was to take progesterone to "regulate". Since then, I've found that taking prog is really not different from taking BCP, it doesn't help your body regulate normally, it just makes you have different withdrawal symptoms similar to what causes your period when you take your "fake" BCPs. I will just say this:
~keep charting temps and checking for mucus. If you don't have a lot of CM, what always helped me was vitamin A and Flax Oil. You can find both in just about any store that carries supplements. A great multivitamin is Optivite.
~be patient. The more you stress, the more your cycle will vary. Often if you have very long cycles, you are either having prolonged phase I infertility (pre-ovulation) or you are not ovulating at all. That doesn't mean you never will. It simply means that your body is adjusting. And, honestly, it wouldn't be a great idea to rush getting pg by extraordinary means, because if there are still enough BCP hormones in your body to make you have irregular cycles, your body might not be ready to get pg.
~If you are of the Christian persuasion, I would highly recommend "The Art of Natural Family Planning." It teaches one of the most thorough methods of NFP I've ever heard of. It's what DH & I have used for our almost 6 years of marriage, and it has always worked for us. Great for anyone to read, but it also goes into religious reasons to choose NFP for your marriage.
~You can also check CM internally. You can PM me for more details It's something you would only need to do once a day, in the evening. Sometimes if you don't have much CM, you will find someinternally. If you only check externally, after a BM is a good time to check.

I know that things will work out for you! Good luck!
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