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Re: Discriminatory shipping for Canadians?

Originally Posted by nrgburst View Post
Ok, that makes sense for HTF items or huge purchases.
Yes I am pretty sure its the DC costs or sometimes people unfamiliar with international shipping.

But sometimes shipping is gnarly, I paid 45 shipping on flip organic inserts (the price was correct FYI) and it was still cheaper then buying used in europe I love them but I was sure sad to throw that much away on shipping.

Now if I put on my mod panties for a moment. At DS we do not require DC on international shipping sellers can provide just the customs number. That said it is a risk to the seller as you have n o proof of delivery for paypal in the event a buyer makes a claim.

Mod panties off, as an international mom I buy and sell without DC on an individual basis. Do I know the buyer/seller well, feedback, and of course item value. I also will not buy from sellers who only ship priority because that makes the purchases no longer worthwile for me.
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