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Re: Anyone had previous shoulder dystocia & large baby- did you doctor suggest c-sect

Sending a prayer of safety for your homebirth and smaller babies, papoosecaboose! Surprised with your shoulder dystocias, that a midwife would think you are low risk enough to have one. That worries me. Even the doc who was gonna let me try a TOL, said no waterbirth incase we needed to change positions quickly and he needed to be able to get more involved... waterbirths don't lend itself to that as easily. Sometimes a quick change of position does not solve anything (didn't for me before my homebirth midwife reached in and started pulling), sometimes this sinful/imperfect world we live in has consequences and one can not birth a baby even under or over 9lbs without lifelong injuries (even with a natural homebirth), and sometimes eating healthiest produces bigger babies (mine sure did too).
With your previous birth, yes, your risks increased because of outside circumstances (induction, epi, back pushing) and that is awesome you decreased your risks every way you knew how with your last birth. But you stated your natural birth boy got stuck for a short time then as well. Glad your midwife got him out okay and that is was easier for her. Will she monitor the size of your next baby? Typically, the higher the birth weight; the greater the injury (not in all cases, like my son); but that is the statistical norm.
Anyway, I hope your midwife is also trained in other manuevers to help with s/d and also that she has all emergency equipment out and ready "just in case" as you have a higher risk of it happening again. Something to talk about with her as you are attempting a homebirth this time.
I hope you have a wonderful, uneventful labor though, truly. With your history though you should be taking some extra precautions (not as fun, but maybe wise). Good luck!
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