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Re: Discriminatory shipping for Canadians?

Originally Posted by L J View Post
I know this is an old thread, but since its been revived I am going to add in my two cents and something I have recently learned.

I got this straight from Paypal customer service - I lost over an hour of my life on the phone with them to clarify this. You can pay $1.30 extra at the PO for something called "Certificate of Mailing". It's just a little form they stamp and proves you mailed a package to whatever address on whatever date. According to the guy I spoke with, this will protect a US seller in the instance of a "item not received" claim from an International buy on First Class International mail.

I do ship to Canada, but I admit I am a bit leery of it, even after all these years. I put in my listings that I must "know" you. So, I'm not selling to Canadians that aren't active on non-FSOT forums here. I want them to be invested in the forums and familiar to me, otherwise I'm not taking the risk of a bogus Paypal claim.

If I am selling something for $10ppd, I know it will cost me $2.50 (round number example) to ship to the US first class. So if someone Canadian wants to buy, I subtract $2.50, add exact postage and add $1.30 for certificate of mailing. I do take a picture at the PO counter to message to the buyer.

Selling to Canada is a lot more work that to the States. I love my Canadian mama friends and I am happy to make a special trip across town to the PO, but honestly, it is a lot more involved. Maybe the PO isn't such a hassle in Canada?

Can y'all track packages within Canada like we can within the States?
Yes we can track within Canada, and in Canada, there is no such thing as home pick up. If we need to put something in the mail we have to go to the PO every.single.time. so if we're shipping a parcel, doesn't matter where it's going, we have to go the PO anyway. So other than I have to fill out a customs form, it's really no different shipping to the US compared to shipping it domestically.

We also pay through the NOSE for shipping. Shipping one grovia shell to the US cost me over $5. Shipping a similar item within Canada was actually MORE expensive, not less. Now we don't have to worry as much about the tracking issue, because that hideous price does include up to $100 in insurance, so if something went wrong I could just refund the mama, and put in an insurance claim with Canada Post.
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