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Re: Discriminatory shipping for Canadians?

Originally Posted by L J View Post
I know this is an old thread, but since its been revived I am going to add in my two cents and something I have recently learned.

I got this straight from Paypal customer service - I lost over an hour of my life on the phone with them to clarify this. You can pay $1.30 extra at the PO for something called "Certificate of Mailing". It's just a little form they stamp and proves you mailed a package to whatever address on whatever date. According to the guy I spoke with, this will protect a US seller in the instance of a "item not received" claim from an International buy on First Class International mail.

I do ship to Canada, but I admit I am a bit leery of it, even after all these years. I put in my listings that I must "know" you. So, I'm not selling to Canadians that aren't active on non-FSOT forums here. I want them to be invested in the forums and familiar to me, otherwise I'm not taking the risk of a bogus Paypal claim.

If I am selling something for $10ppd, I know it will cost me $2.50 (round number example) to ship to the US first class. So if someone Canadian wants to buy, I subtract $2.50, add exact postage and add $1.30 for certificate of mailing. I do take a picture at the PO counter to message to the buyer.

Selling to Canada is a lot more work that to the States. I love my Canadian mama friends and I am happy to make a special trip across town to the PO, but honestly, it is a lot more involved. Maybe the PO isn't such a hassle in Canada?

Can y'all track packages within Canada like we can within the States?
This exactly as an international buyer I expect to pay the difference. Though I have had a few moms try to charge me full international shipping on top of the ppd us price, that is no go.
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