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Re: poop training?

I wanted to report that we are still at square one! No changes here, still pooping in our pants every s.i.n.g.l.e. day. I am about at my wits end with this. He has been pee potty trained for a year now and this pooping thing is getting ridicolous! I quit buying pull ups so now we are back to underwear, so every poop accident is a huge mess to clean up. I literally have tried everything under the sun with him with no luck. I know everyone says all kids are different and eventually he will get it and I know that too, but how can a kid be so smart about everything else but can't poop on the potty. UGH! I guess I just came back to vent a little....(can you tell we had a rough weekend).

How is eveyone else doing? Any progress? Any new ideas?
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