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Re: any EBF mommas NOT wait?

my oldest (17 yrs) started cereal at about 4 weeks - dr suggested! - and veggies at around 4 months
my middle (8 yrs) started cereal at around 5 months and veggies at around 6 months
my youngest (4 months & EBF up till now) is already trying to steal food off of my plate if I'm holding him while I eat...
we pretty much go by baby led feeding so I have given him a couple of spoon fulls of cereal after he nurses at night before he goes to bed and he loves it... will probably do that for a few weeks and then see about veggies - if he isn't interested then we will wait longer at this point - I think it is just to give him new "tastes" not at all for nutrition and if he hadn't acted interested I wouldn't have even thought about it..
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