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Re: Ramblings of a pregnant woman

Thanks for sharing your stories ladies. I have felt like life is against me this whole pregnancy. I made me feel slightly comforted that I'm not alone. I havn't had trouble with kidney stones, but I had a friend who did. I can't imagine adding that pain to pregnancy.
I feel like I've needed a place to just vent for months were someone would understand... so here goes.

I guess my problems started over a year ago when we were told dd#3's heart had stopped beating, and we had a miscarrage. When I went back for my followup appointment something was wrong with my overies, we were told that it would be unlikely that we could get pregnant again. A double whammie in the painful info department.

In July I got sooo sick that I couldn't manage to get out of bed. I ended up in the hospital for dehydration and was given meds to stop the vomiting. Their diagnosis... your pregnant. I was so excited and surprised and scared! I was so sick that I was sure that I would miscarry again. They sent me home with more meds and instructions to drink as much water as possable. Which I did, and finally at around 15 weeks the constant nausea started letting up. In the mean time I began visiting a ton of specialists, one for my out of wack thyroid, and for my vision that randomly kept disappearing. We finally were able to get those mostly under control. Then the real trouble began.

I began having extream pain in my abdomin. My first instinct was to assume that I was having a miscarrage so I made an apointment with my doctor. Praise the Lord the baby was fine, but I had finally streatched beyond what my body could handle (I started showing at 12 weeks) and I was only 20 weeks. I have an abdominal wall hernia, starting about a half inch below my belly button (which is completly insisde out) to about 4inches above it, and the tendons on the left side of my abdomin and baisicly swiss cheese. For the most part that means not much is holding the baby up. Walking is extreamly painful, and feels almost impossable at times. I have an appt. with a specialist to repaire it after the baby is born, and to make sure natural labor is even possable. I feel so useless, I can't do laundry, or clean the house, I can't take care of my children like I want to. Christmas is coming and if it wasn't for online shopping my kids wouldn't have anything. I have to depend on my husband for everything, and I feel horrable that I can't take care of those things for him so he doesn't have to worry about it.

The last straw came at my 28 week appt. yesterday. Not only is my blood pressure rising again (i had preeclamsia with dd1), but my normally low blood sugar is up. I failed the one hour gestational diabeties test. I have to take the test again tomorrow. It was a really what else could go wrong moment.

Have you ever watched "The Princess Bride" you know when they are in the fire swamp and Princess Buttercup says.. "I fear we will never survive" in that hopless tone? Thats how I feel. Hopless!

sorry for the long vent. I don't wish the pregnancy was over 3 months ago, but if we could skip to February, that would be perfect!
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