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Deanna! I think we all understand what you're going through. Been there for sure. Personally, I'd go to the u/s, too. I know it doesn't prove that everything is going to be perfectly fine, but those early ultrasounds helped me so much. We knew right away with my m/c that something was wrong, so it gave me time to slowly process. My early u/s with this baby showed everything was on track, so I could really relax a bit. Everyone is different, so do what works for you. I COMPLETELY respect the mamas that choose to wait.

Carly: a big for you finding that hb! I'm so excited for you!

AFM, just kinda on auto pilot over here. 25 weeks today and feeling good! My weight gain caught up (oh, pregnancy during the holidays is fun!) and I'm up about 10 pounds now. I know that's perfectly fine, but the giant belly is making it hard to breathe, so I feel extra huge. Not a bad problem to have, though...I'm treasuring these discomforts. I was so afraid that I'd never even GET here!
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