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Re: any EBF mommas NOT wait?

I started solids with my now 15 yr old at 4 months. It was the thing to do back them. He did fine. He did have a lactose intolerance that lasted from 2 - 4 yrs old. But I do not think it is related. I am sensitive to dairy and so are all my kids to some degree.

My now 4 yr old was introduced at 6 months but had no interest in solid food till over 2 years old. He was developementally delayed and diagnosed with PDD NOS. He has no known food allergies.

My now 3 yr old started aeound 6-8 months and is a great eater. He never had any food related issues, but had many food allergies under 2 yrs old. Dairy and citric acid were his main allergies. He has since outgrown both, but remains sensitive like me.

My now 7 1/2 month old gets food on occassion. He will eat it, but is not overly interested. He still pushes it out a bit but is getting better. He has no known food allergies that we know of as of yet.
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