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Very new to this-more harm than good?

Sometimes it's hard not to listen to all of the "advice" that seasoned mom's give. My first baby, a little boy, is now 8 months old. I definitely am not trying to potty train him now.

We cloth diaper full time (gDiapers for days and pockets at night) and love it. We recently were given a potty seat that makes the regular toilet littler for small butts.

Before getting the toilet seat, I tried a few times holding our boy over the toilet after nursing because I had read that he will usually pee shortly after nursing. I have always done this at night before I put him in his night time diaper - mostly just hoping to keep him dry longer. However, he never peed in the toilet, and I always gave up.

Now that we have the toilet seat, HE LOVES TO SIT ON IT!! So I want to start trying to do potty time before I put him in his night diaper. Last night he did a poopy in the big potty! I am starting to think that after each time I nurse him, we will sit on the potty and start using cues.

I'm being told that "potty training" too early can be detrimental, but this doesn't seem like it can hurt. We are not committed to EC yet, but we were thrilled when it worked last night. Would it hurt to do it a few times a day but not full time?
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