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Re: doing on interview in a few hours about BF and my work's new lactation center

Awsome. Good luck

the dedicated room woudl be great. no one intereupting you.
What will the room have in it--things that would be nice--comfortable chiar, sink, maybe small fridge, table

emotional--knowing that eventhough you have to be away from your new child you (as the mother) are still providing his/her nutrition. Makes me still feel conected during the day.

financial--one less monetary burden that I don't have to worry about. formula can be expensive.

~with the special room I would know that my employers are choosing to support me as a breastfeeding mom because they want to ranther than becuase I had to force the issue with laws ect.
wife and mom-- no other special labels. Just trying to do the best I can.
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