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Re: Pure vs. virgin coconut oil??

LouAna is "pure" in that it only has coconut oil in it, nothing else. So that's good! It's refined though, so it doesn't have quite the same benefits as virgin coconut oil which is less processed. I think it's still a better option than canola oil. I do buy the LouAna from Walmart and use it for things like diaper rash, moisturizer, etc and it works quite well for that. I also cook with it when I'm cooking things where I don't want a strong coconut flavor. But, personally, I think the virgin coconut oil has more of the "good stuff" so I buy both and my goal is always to use the virgin where I can in cooking. I don't use it for cosmetic applications because LouAna is cheaper and I'm trying to prioritize what I spend my money on.
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