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Question What about your other kids ?

For those who have other kids , what arrangements have you made for them for when you have the baby ? Home birthers you don't count , just kidding you can pipe in if you want . For me this issue SUCKS , my family lives down in TX , and even though my mom and dad are going to try and be here when I have the baby they will be with me at the hospital so I still need someone to watch our lil boy . Now I like hubbies family BUT almost all of his dad's side smokes not what I want him around , plus I don't want him coming back to me saying some new words that a 3 year old should not be saying ! Now his moms side ( they are split ) is allot better , no smokers and not really any bad words flying around , BUT his mom is about to be remarried to a very nice guy that I just don't know well enough , I mean she knows him but hubby really only knows him as well as I do which isn't much at all so I am just not sure about him staying over there plus she just doesn't seem to be very maternal , very nice just not a born mom I guess . Now his moms mom is who usually watches him , she is nice and I trust her and all but she is a bit older (60's early 70's ?) and I'm sure it's a lil hard for her to keep up with a 3 year old sometimes and with a NONE toddler friendly house , lots of glass pretties around , so overnight may be a bit much for her ya know ? I just don't know what to do I mean I have till Jan to figure something out but I am just not a leave my kid with just anyone kind of mom , I have only ever left him with my parents or hubbies grandma and so far those are the only ones in my comfort zone . The best thing I can think of is to have his mom and her fella watch him during the day and drop him off at her moms for the night , but what if we go into labor at night ? We live in the same town as the hospital but not as his grandma so we would have to drive away from the hospital to her house then back to the hospital lol , I just don't know , another reason a home birth would be so much easier lol .
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