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Re: 2 under 2?

DS1 and DS2 are 19 months apart, and #3 will be 19 months younger than DS2. I loved the age gap! There were never any jealousy issues and in a way it was easier having 2 "babies" at the same time. Now than DS2 is almost a year they are starting to play really well together and its awesome. The hard parts are, basically you have 2 babies. Its hard because all of a sudden the older one seems like a huge toddler, but really they are a baby and can't be trusted to not poke/prod/abuse the little one, and they aren't old enough to have the patience and understanding that they have to wait sometimes for the baby to eat/sleep/whatever It was helpful for us to set up a playpen that we could put the baby in (to keep him safe if I needed to go to the bathroom or something), or corral the toddler in if needed. When you're going places buckle the toddler in the car first, and take them out last and try to park as close to the cart returns as possible.

You'll be fine!
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