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Re: Where to find Vaccine Information for traveling

Don't go in just a week before. Some shots require booster six months later to be effective. I've traveled to India 3 times so I've done this all before. I'd definitely get twinrix (sp) or if he's already had Heb B then get Heb A. Hep A is very common there, though they call it jaundice. I knew several people who had it while I was there and my friend had a friend who died from it. It's transmitted through food. I believe twinrix and Hep A is two shots 6 months apart. They'll also recommend cholera or travellers diarrhea and typhoid. These are both actually drinks that you take every other day for 3 days or so. They may suggest japanese encephalitis which is transmitted by mosquitoes but is only in very rural mountainous areas I believe (and very expensive). He should be up to date on all his regular shots. They will also recommend malaria tablets which must be started several weeks before you leave. However, I only took them for a few months when I first went. They made me very ill. You'll have to decide if you want to take them. If you'll be in rural areas then I'd recommend taking them more than if you're in the city. In the city they often spray to kill mosquitoes and you can get things you plug in the keep them away. Also keeping the fan on keeps them off you. Most people in the city don't use mosquito nets though you can consider bringing some or buying them there. Buy mosquito repellent here though. I've never really seen it there and I don't know if it has the right levels of deet in it. Malaria tablets won't keep you from getting malaria, just from getting as seriously ill from it.

Other tips - boil it, peel it or cook it, otherwise forget it. Aquaguard is a common water purifier used in India and is safe to drink from. Most restaurant have it. Drinking water from the tap that the city provides I don't recommend drinking. It's ok for locals who are used to it but there are so many stories of contamination I don't recommend it. Ask for boiled, bottled or aquaguard water. All milk needs to be boiled before drinking. Check water bottles to make sure seal hadn't been broken. Coconut water straight from the coconut sold on the side of the street is great for rehydrating and is totally pure.

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