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Re: should i give her more???

Originally Posted by shortcake2386 View Post
i should probably add that after a minute or so of fussing when the bottle is empty she is fine for exactly 3 hours(and not a minute over) if she was hungry she would continue to fuss, right?
i think you're right. she would continue to fuss if she was still hungry. she calms with the paci right? what i've observed with my kids is, they suck down a bottle a lot faster than they nurse, so a bottle doesn't necessarily fulfill all their "urge to suck" needs when they finish it. even though she can't suck, she still has the urge, and having the paci in her mouth is probably soothing for her. when my kids nurse, they often nurse for a little longer than they are actively getting milk. obviously, more when they were newborns. but even an older baby will want to suck sometimes, just for comfort. i think that's all it is

oh, and i think her weight sounds just fine! both my kids were around that weight at 4.5 months. i'm surprised people find that so smalll since it's just normal to me. but i used to get asked all the time if my kids were preemies too (ds was on time and dd was a week late. they were bigger than your dd at birth, but just grow slowly). ah well, there's just a wide range of "normal" when it comes to babies
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