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Re: Am I the only one who gets ticked...

I do, but it depends on the person. I know that sounds bad. But I had HORRIBLE morning sickness with DS, like I lost 25 lbs in the first trimester, it was that bad. I whined to dh quite a bit, but I never complained to anyone else. Then along comes my little SIL. She whines about EVERYTHING!!! She texts us all to let us know she's sick. She had to have some fluid because she was dehydrated, we of course were all informed that she was 'hospitalized". It drove me NUTS. Then had the nerve to complain to me and tell me how lucky I was to have an easy pregnancy. Um, ya, a high risk pregnancy where you think your baby may die at any time, loose 25lbs, have to take drugs that make you nuts, oh and work everyday too while not showing any of this to your students. Yup, that was a cake walk little girl. Oh, and don't forget the end, where she whines for three-four weeks about how huge she feels and how hard it is to get anything done. While again, I'm working Full time, 8-10 hour days, with no chance to lay down and rest, oh and then had an 11lb 7 oz baby so I was HUGE if you have ever seen HUGE that was me. So yes when she even opens her mouth I want to yell at her. But to just say, hey I"m having a bad day, anyone have any advice, no that doesn't really bug me much, we all have our off days. And as thankful as I will be if I ever get to experience MS again, it will still stink to have to go through it.
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