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Re: So frustrated!

If you can get away without doing the litter I would. Generally if your cats are indoor only and you've had them for awhile chances are they either won't have it or you will have already been exposed.

That being said I scooped the litter boxes, changed the litter, and bleached out the boxes for at least three months. DH is normally great but he was just ridiculous about doing it, I had to ask him and then he'd do it badly (break up the urine clumps instead of scooping, sigh and mope about, not add fresh litter etc.) So I just did it because I didn't want to deal with his attitude about the cat boxes. Also to add to it we adopted two strays that were living in our yard; I had witnessed them kill and eat birds etc. The one cat also had giardia (a parasite excreted in poop). I kept cleaning the boxes even then. I made sure I covered my nose and mouth, wore gloves and practiced immaculate hand hygiene.

I requested my midwife test me for toxoplasmosis and I ended up being negative. The moral of my story is that its difficult to catch; I have had cats my whole life many of them strays and had still never been infected.

That being said better safe than sorry and DH has gotten with the program on his own and I haven't had to scoop a litterbox in two months or so.
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