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Re: So frustrated!

Originally Posted by rverrone11 View Post
My DH cleans the litter boxes when I'm pregnant and he works 12 hour days. I figure it's better to be safe than's only for 38 weeks or so.
Actually less than that now. He's only got about 22 weeks of it left. I think I am just going to buckle down and tell him that if he's not going to scoop it atleast every other day, that I am going to get rid of the cats.

Harsh, I suppose, but honestly... with a newborn in the house, I can't have that crap floating through the air. Especially because when sleeping in our room, we are only about 15 feet from it (in the closet). I am just not willing to deal with all of this by myself when the baby gets here. I don't even like cats. ;x
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