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Re: What about your other kids ?

Ohhhh , man I honestly would love it if he could just be there with us , I my hold out for that and just have a back up plan just in case , I do already have a doula and like I said my mom and dad should be there ( God willing ) too , and really hubby isn't much of a birthing coach lol , he's a sweetie he is just a lil clueless . Grandma coming to our house sounds pretty good too but I don't think she would like that much , she lives alone now and has for a while , she doesn't like to drive at night much and I think she just feels safer in her own house which I can understand cause I'm the same way ! I will just have to talk to them both and try and figure something out , and if at all possible just have him there with us . I wish we knew a really nice Christian family with one toddler , that would be great lol but we don't know anyone up here but his family so far , I am honestly needing to find something for Nov when we are going to try and get away for one night for our anniversary too .
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