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Re: Am I the only one who gets ticked...

I've known of people that would do nothing but complain about mornin sickness even have heard some say now I wished never got pregnant as I hate been so sick. That just eats me up.

Then there is some that's not really complaining about being so sick it just seems that way.

When I was pregnant with our DD I had the worst morning sickness ever. Before I found out was pregnant I already had morning sickness which was bad an as the weeks went by I got even got worse. My doctor at first put me on Zofran for severe morning sickness didn't help so they tried phegran that didn't help either an I lost over 25lbs in the first tri an part of 2nd later I was so bad went to the hospital an had a IV put in due to being so sick. They told me I had the worst morning sickness a woman could ever have called HEG. Then they tried me on raglan an it helped a lot. IMO it was a miracle pill for me. I finally got were could eat again an drink then gained my weight back. I did tell many how sick I was but I wasn't complaining but I've been told already I maybe like that again which I know is hard but I know it's all worth it. I would never give up my babies at all. They're all worth the sickness...
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