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Yes, please read a book on EC... it is SO different from the harsh early potty training methods of 100 years ago!!! It is all about just giving your baby the opportunity to use something other than a diaper to eliminate, and communicating with him about his needs. There is no coercion, no praise, no punishment, no "training" in the way most people think of it. If he doesn't want to use the potty, that is absolutely fine. If he does, no big deal, he went.

I find EC a great way to bond with my baby, we are very relaxed and part time with it. But at 18 months she does at least half her poops in the potty and tells me when she wants to use it and I feel is very naturally working towards being diaper free. I am into non coercive parenting in general so I find this a much preferable alternative to mainstream potty training with stickers and M&Ms and all that nonsense.
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