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Re: So frustrated!

Originally Posted by evasimone View Post
Your entire reason for getting rid of the cats was written in the last paragraph: the dust and not wanting to deal with the litterboxes when you are no longer pregnant. (1)You and your baby aren't in danger from toxoplasmosis after the baby is born. (2)You could negotiate with your husband or even have family members help out while you're prego (you yourself have said that you have never scooped the litter the entire pregnancy).

Only after I questioned your decision to threaten to get rid of the cats did you then start talking about the cats (3) "endangering your unborn baby."

It just seems like you are jumping immediately to getting rid of them without any critical thinking about possible solutions except for getting rid of them. Number one toxoplasmosis is only excreted for several weeks after a cat is exposed, since your cats aren't eating raw meat, going outside or hunting they have pretty much a 0% chance of them being newly exposed and thus giving you toxoplasmosis. Number two you could have them easily tested to see if they carry it and then your worries would be solved.

I still don't advocate that a pregnant woman scoop the litter but I think people use it as a convenient excuse to get rid of animals that aren't convenient for them. I actually had a SIL get rid of two cats because you know, they would suffocate her newborn because cats are notoriously homicidal. Bottom line she could have kept them but she didn't want them anymore and her baby was an easy excuse. So they got dumped at a shelter, which was already overflowing with cats and they were most likely killed.

I won't allow my DH to get a dog because I don't really like them and they are more work than I am willing to do or we have time for. I have turned down family members and friends that have tried to give us dogs because I know they don't fit with our lifestyle and I dont view a pet as a disposable commodity. To each their own but I'd encourage you to at least consider some alternatives to dumping your cats in an already overburdened shelter
1 - So, exposing a newborn baby to cat crap dust is completely acceptable? And actually, you ARE still in danger of the illness, the only difference is, I wouldn't be pregnant, so it wouldn't cause birth defects. It can still cause illness. Look it up.

2 - The ONLY person I have to help me out is my dad right now - who won't be here in another two weeks (he's leaving). So, then what? Call my mom, who lives 30 minutes away, to come and scoop the cat box because my husband won't do it? No thanks.

3 - Did you not read my very first post? Quoted, "So now I am freaking out that it's going to hurt my baby... either the cat crap dust, or the bleach." So no, it wasn't something I sprung up when you mentioned it.

Not only that - did I say I was going to take them to a shelter? It costs money to take them to a shelter. So I am going to pay $75 EACH CAT for them to take them, and then possibly put them to sleep, or not find a home for them? No. I won't be doing that. I never said anything about a shelter.

I didn't make this thread to defend my reasonings for the decisions that I make in my life, and quite frankly, your judgmental attitude is not becoming. If you want the cats - by all means - take them. I am not taking care of animals that can endanger my health, or my unborn child's health, that I never agreed to take on permanently in the first place. If my husband refuses to take care of a responsibility that he chose, then what else am I supposed to do? Go out of my way? Why?
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