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Originally Posted by am_ryan21
It bothers me but what bugs me more than anything is the ones that have only been trying to get pregnant for a few months. Then complain about how long it is taking to get pregnant. It took us 5 years and 3 losses to have our son.

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I agree. My sister is 5 years older than me. No kids by choice. Last year they decided to 'try' aka go off BC. Month after month she had a pity party. Come to find out they had sex 1 time in 9 months. Her husband admitted and so did she! I called her out on it and was enraged. She still says 'I know you don't think we tried hard enough'

Omg. Talk about wanting to give her a lashing. So all this comes out on family vacation in march. So all us siblings told her she had to freaking have sex! So she did. Got preggo. So now it's been 8 months.. And that's the LAST time they did it.

At her shower, so many people came up to her 'I know you've wanted this baby so badly' wtf. Wanted? Really?? Tried hard?? Wth. While I secretly went to fertility doctors and suffered in silence. I still rage a lot about it. You are NOT trying if you have sex once a year. I am sorry.
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