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Re: coumadin, heprin, lovenox

She needs to discuss this with her doctors and they can tell her all the risks associated with breastfeeding on certain drugs and their side effects. They can also discuss choices to put her on medications that have less breastfeeding side effects but still keep her healthy. It may depend on what her insurance will pay for and also what is best for her health. Normally, I believe they keep you on an anticoagulant (such as coumadin) for 6 months following a clot. (Unless you have a medical reason to stay on them longer such as Antiphospholipid protein disorder.) Although I think researching this for your friend is very nice ... I think the best answers for what to do long term are going to be based on what course of treatment the doctors decide for the next 6 months. I'm pro-breastfeeding. But I'd never expect a person to pump and dump for 6 months just so they could try to breastfeed later. (After a baby is bottle fed for 6 might be hard to go back to the breast. And 6 months of pumping and dumping is a lot of time wasted that could be spent enjoying her baby.) The heath of your friend will have to be the most important thing. While breastfeeding is a wonderful thing, many moms are not able to because of many reasons includin presicription medication. I hope you will be extra supportive if she is unable to continue because I'm sure it will be a disappointment to her.

PS. Your friend is very lucky they caught the clot and I hope that she is doing well and has a speedy recovery.
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