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I would pull the reports from Dr Hale. I would consider the heparin only as it is short acting and can be removed by another medication quicker than lovenox (protamine sulfate) in the event it must be.

Last I read it was 60% lovenox removal:[to]"neutralization" (heparin). I understood it to be .60 lovenox removal : 1 heparin removal.

No way in he!! I would nurse w Coumadin. It is Cat X.
I, too, would consider weaning unless there was documented blood plasma levels drawn from babies nursed by mothers on heparin. Even then... it would have to be iron clad evidence and babys pediatrician would need to check his bleed times for me to sleep.

I had elevated clotting factors during pregnancy wo a clot. Lovenox was given briefly and I stayed on ASA the duration w 1. The beginning w the second child.

Lots of talking w doctors on her part. Lots.

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