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Need some reminders

I am on my 3rd little one in the last 4 years, and nursed all 3, but apparently need some reminders still.

First, remind me how often they are supposed to poo at 6ish weeks? In the last week or so he went from going multiple times a day, to once a day, to lately it's been every other day. And that's normal, right?

Second, continuing the poo's gone from mustard yellow and seedy to barely seed at all and more of a brown yellow. That's normal too right? I think so, I remember both my little girls having quite a bit of color variation.

And finally, the problem...

Lately, he's been really fussy at the breast. He will latch on, nurse enough to get a let down going, go a bit longer, then pop off and start rooting around like he can't find the nipple. Then start to get more frantic and frustrated, quickly working himself up to a full blown p!$$@% off cry. At that point, I am squirting milk directly into his mouth trying to show him that yes it's still there, and yes there's plenty coming out, but nothing helps. I clearly remember the other two doing the same thing at around the same time, but I can't for the life of me remember what I did to solve or get past the problem. Anyone able to remind me why this happens and how to fix it?
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