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Re: Am I the only one who gets ticked...

i agree it's tough but ya it does depend on who it is. If it's one of my TTC ladies who I know that has been struggling for awhile I don't really mind because while the last part of pregnancy was amazing the first 16 weeks or so were horrible. This summer I made it to 12 and I was fairly miserable but I didn't really complain too much and I cried when I did because I felt so guilty ha. I would do it a million times over though.

I have a few friends who complain about little things or have minimal symptoms and complain I just want to scream "WELL AT LEAST YOU CAN HAVE A BABY!" ha in my head and then I repent after but ya TTC with fertility issues sucks in general... made worse when it doesn't make sense and other just blink and that's that.

I actually had a patient last week NO JOKE who was 8 weeks along and terminated her last pregnancy because of morning sickness and she said she might "terminate" this one as well because she just didn't think she could handle being sick!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS LIVID!!!! I wanted to slap her and tell her how much money I spend at the RE that year just to be in her shoes.... or how many shots and US I had had. Her labs didn't even show she was dehydrated so I doubt she was really THAT sick but oh wow.... I was so annoyed and angry..... needless to say I wasn't very mean but I didn't go out of my way to be very friendly either. SERIOUSLY!!!
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