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So as an update, sort of, still don't have a court date. I'm not sure what's going on with that. I'm going to call the court office and see if I didn't get a letter or maybe something was misplaced?

He hasn't initiated contact with her, but once, since this happened. He asked to talk to her on Thanksgiving, but other than that hasn't called, asked about her or stopped by. He drops the other kids off at their moms around the corner from where we live (we can literally walk to her house in less than 5 minutes) so it's not like he's too far away. He chooses not to contact her.

She's ran into him twice in the past month. I took her to see the play her sister was in & he was waiting to pick her (my DD's sister) up after the play. He says to my DD "it's mommys fault you can't come over" so I told her "give your dad a hug and let's go". I told him it was not appropriate to say that. Last week my DD was with my friends while I was working & they stopped at the grocery store. He was there. Tells her "talk to your mom about coming over like you're suppose to. Talk to her. She's the reason I don't see you" so my friends told my DD to tell him goodbye and they walked away.

I don't prevent him from seeing her, I'm just following our court order (believe me if the situation were reversed he would do exactly what i'm doing). I think my DD deserves to be in a house that's clean & she deserves to be fed & taken care of while she's there. If he really cared about her, he'd call her or stop by and see her. If he was uncomfortable in my home, we'd make other arraignments such as his sisters house, the library, McDonalds even and he knows that. He'd rather spend all his time making me out to be the bad guy. His loss I guess. My DD is an amazing child
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